Loyalty Deposit Bonus

This Bonus is available for both new and existing clients. We are giving away bonus for every deposit you made within this promotion period!

Don’t miss this great opportunity! Make deposit and get bonus!

Terms And Conditions:

1. Loyalty Deposit Bonus is available for all new and existing clients for every deposit made within the promotion period.

New clients who have been entitled for Welcome Deposit Bonus are not entitled to receive Loyalty Deposit Bonus at the same time.

2.You will receive loyalty deposit bonus up to 30% of each deposit.

Deposit amount ($) Bonus amount (%) Bonus amount ($)
1 to 999 15% $0.15 to $149.85
>=1000 30% >=$300

3. You must claim your Loyalty Deposit Bonus within the first 5 business days from the date of each deposit date.

4. To claim your Loyalty Deposit Bonus, please send an email to support@agea.com or contact us on our support channel.

5. Bonus is valid for 6 months since the bonus is credited to your account, when bonus is expired, AGEA will remove the bonus from your account.

6. When you request any withdrawals including withdrawing your own money, you need to provide us with one of MT4 Cent or Standard accounts (STP account is excluded) or Streamster account for checking if you meet bonus withdrawal requirement.

7. Bonus can be withdrawn when you meet the requirement of following:
To withdraw bonus, you have to meet A or B (last 2 columns)

Bonus amount ($) A. Streamster Account
1/5 * (100,000 quantity)
of the bonus amount
B. MT4 account
1/3 standard lots of bonus amount
$1 20,000 quantity 0.33 lots
$100 2,000,000 quantity 33.33 lots

* 1 Standard lot = 100 Cent account lot
* 1 Cent account lot = 0.01 Standard lot
* Positions resulting in less than 3 pips of profit/loss are not counted
For example, you make one deposits of $100, you will receive $15 bonus, when you request to withdraw $50, the bonus withdrawal requirement is 300,000 quantity trades for Streamster account or 5 standard lots trades for MT4 account, if you meet the bonus withdrawal requirement, then you can withdraw any amount of funds from your account. If you do not meet bonus withdrawal requirement, then we will remove 15 * (50/100) = $7.5 bonus from your account and then process your withdrawal request. In case there is no sufficient money on your account to deduct that $7.5, we will deduct it from the money you are withdrawing.

8. If you meet the bonus withdrawal requirement, bonus can be withdrawn without any limitations, if you do not meet bonus withdrawal requirement, only your own money can be withdrawn, and the same portion of bonus will be removed.

9. Bonus funds deposited in account may be used in trading or withdrawing, the bonus will be cancelled (removed) after the expiration of 6 months if you do not meet bonus withdrawal requirement.

10. The maximum size of the bonus accrued on one client can not exceed 3000 unit (US dollars or other currency).

11. Bonus is fully owned by AGEA before you meet bonus withdrawal requirement. AGEA is not responsible for any loss, margin call, stop out that may be caused by transferring or removing bonus from any accounts / desks when account holder does not meet bonus withdrawal requirement.

12. AGEA reserves the right to refuse bonus provision or cancel anytime and with no reason given a bonus deposited earlier as well as to cancel the results of any transactions conducted by use of bonus funds.

13. AGEA has the right to correct the results of a client’s trades on suspicion of bonus hunting activities or any other fraudulent actions as to bonus funds. A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled.

An insufficient trading activity in the account, such as execution of a single high-volume trade or several trades of lower volume conducted at the same rate and at nearly the same time, which represents a subdivision of a big trade into smaller ones, may serve as the reason for revising the results. As a rule, there is no sufficient trading history in such accounts. In case of detecting such trades, AGEA may cancel the bonus at any time and without preliminary notice.

14. AGEA has the right to amend the promotion at any time and without special notification.

15. This promotion conditions will be considered as accepted by the client as soon as the bonus is credited into the client’s account.

A Primer On Currency Regimes

A history of currency regimes (or exchange-rate regimes) is, by necessity, one of international trade and investment and the efforts to make them successful. Sovereign debt levels and gross domestic product (GDP) figure importantly as well in the degree of a currency’s volatility. An exchange rate is simply the price of one currency up against another. When groups of nations in a common area conduct commerce with multiple currencies, their fluctuation could either impede or promote trade, depending on either party’s perspective.

Money values are a function of a nation’s economy, monetary and fiscal policy, politics and the view of traders who buy and sell it based on their opinion of events that could affect its value. At the risk of oversimplification, the intent of a currency mechanism is to promote the flow of trade and investment with minimal friction or, depending upon the country, the achievement of greater fiscal and monetary discipline (increased monetary stability, full employment and lessened exchange rate volatility) than would otherwise occur. This has been the objective of an integrated European Union (EU).

When two or more countries use the same currency under control of a common monetary authority or tether their currencies’ exchange rates by various means, they have entered into a currency regime. The spectrum of arrangements runs more or less from a fixed to a flexible regime. The present-day currency anchors may be the U.S. dollar, the euro or a basket of currencies. There also may be no anchor at all.

 Fixed Currency Regimes Continue reading